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How to Lock Folder in Computer Without Using Any Software

You can easily lock any folder on your Windows computer with a simple Notepad hack. By creating a batch file, you can hide a folder and require a password be entered before it becomes visible and accessible. This is a great tool for locking sensitive information, like pictures, financial statements, and a lot more.This trick will work on just about any version of the operating system, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 98, and so on.


Video Tutorial (Step by Step):

Step 1: Download the Lock Folder.txt file from Below download link:

Direct Download Link:;


Note: The default password is “123456”, If you like to change the password, you can change it by changing the default password in the code line where it show: if NOT %pass%== 123456 goto FAIL , just change the 123456 password as you like. Look above the image for details.

Step 2: Save the Notepad File As Locker.bat (.bat Is Must)


Once saved, your file should look like this in the folder you choose:


Step 3: Create Folder

Now double-click on the batch file you just created (or select and hit Enter). You’ll notice a new folder come up as MyFolder.

At this point, you can start adding files to this folder. Don’t worry, you can always add to remove files from it later.


Step 4: Lock the Folder

Once you’re ready to lock the folder, simply double-click on the batch file (or select and hit Enter), then choose ‘y’ on the window that pops up and hit Enter.

You’ll notice that your folder has now disappeared.


Step 5: Access Your Hidden & Locked Folder

Now whenever you need access to your folder, just double-click on the batch file, input your password, and hit Enter.

to re-lock (and hide) the folder, just hit the batch file again or just follow the step 4 again.

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