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Standard ID Card Size

Standard ID Card Size

ID card printers come in all shapes and sizes with an abundance of additional capabilities. One feature that is common among most card printers is the standard ID card size they’re capable of printing.

Standard ID Card Sizes

Far and away, most card printers are made to print on CR80 size cards, with a number of them also capable of printing on CR79 and CR100 size cards. So what exactly does this mean?

CR79 cards measure  2.051″x3.303″ and are slightly smaller than a standard CR80 size card. CR79 cards typically have an adhesive back and are commonly used for printing and adhering to a clamshell proximity card.

If you’re thinking about printing on CR79-sized cards, it’s important to make sure to check that your ID card printer is capable of printing them.

CR80 cards are  2.125″x3.375″  (the same size as a credit card) and are the standard, most commonly used size of PVC card.

CR100 cards are a whopping  2.63″x3.88″  – that’s 42% larger than a standard CR80 card, making them easier to see from a distance and too big to hide in a wallet. CR100 size cards are often referred to as “oversize” or “military-size” cards.

Note:  ID card printers with CR100 size card printing capability are very limited. Before attempting to print these types of cards, make sure your printer is capable of printing this size.

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